Many Holocaust stories have been told, but none from black experience. Most are unaware that blacks too were prisoners of the Holocaust and were experimented on due to the fascination of their skin and resilience. Hoping to colonize Africa, blacks were tortured and killed . Help us tell this story!

about THE ZOO

The Zoo follows the unlikely relationship between a Black German prisoner and a Nazi scientist as Hitler seeks to colonize Africa.

Since the early 1800s many European countries specifically the UK and Germany were fascinated by their inability to colonize and conquer many of the countries in Africa. In an attempt to understand what they were missing they would often kidnap African families, men, women and children, bringing them back to Europe confining them to a small space so that they could better control and study them under conditions which were far more favorable for them; in the hopes of being able to crack some kind of “genetic code” that would give them the key and access to return to Africa and dominate the cultures. The Zoo gives us a taste and highlights what was going on in the European mind as it pertained to black men in Nazi Germany. In this story we follow our hero Benjamin, an Afro-German captured by the Nazi regime and taken to the concentration camp Mathausen  Gussen,  which at the time was the only level III extermination camp. Benjamin quickly discovers the other inhabitants of the camp they have coined the Zoo - Black men from all over the world; single captures to PoW’s. As the gruesome experiments continue, survival must be any means necessary. 

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